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Leaking Classified NSA Information

Billie Winner-Davis, Reality Winner's mother, told Business Insider on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is attempting legal representation to aid the former Air Force language analyst contractor and Kingsville native Reality Winner with her case.

Winner pleaded guilty in 2018 to leaking classified National Security Agency information on Russia's alleged efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. She was found guilty of violating the U.S. Espionage Act and sentenced to five years in prison at the Federal Medical Center-Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2016 following her separation from six years of active duty, Winner was hired by Pluribus International Corporation under an NSA contract to work out of Fort Gordon, Georgia.

According to ABC News, Winner printed a classified report detailing how Russian hackers allegedly “executed cyber espionage operations” on local election systems and mailed the documents to The Intercept.

She was arrested on June 3, 2017.

Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign violations and tax fraud in 2018, began serving his sentence in May 2019 at the federal penitentiary in Otisville, New York.

He has been under house arrest since July over coronavirus concerns.

Military.com stated that Reality’s mother sent a Twitter message that said “Cohen has asked another attorney to look at the case and for opportunities to help.”


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The 1st Ammendment Freedom Of Speech

November 17, 2006

The information on the internet is staggering to say the least. So we are going to break this up into sections here, for there is alot to say , and I'm sure there is something I will write that you did not know. If we step on a few toes along the way, just remember the truth can not hurt you !

So lets start at the beginning right here :

(a)If you are looking for something on the internet, and you are referred to a page that contain's a virus, spam or spyware who is LIABLE ?

1st, nobody broke your hand. Meaning, we have our favorite search engine, as well as you. If your search engine directs you to a bad site, and you manage to catch something that is your fault. In Our Example Below, we will Refer To Search Engine 'X'

Any (Fortune 500 Company) Search Engine, gathers information at an incredible rate. For simplicity it is a program that reads other programs on the internet looking for 'Keywords' or 'Tags' as a guide. I have Seen Search Engine 'X' promote their competition over themselves. Surely this was done by a computer and not a human.
Like any company that is trying to make money, they have safe guards in place, and have been attacked by virus's and hackers themselves. Everyone wants a big piece of the pie, if they can get it.

In order to continue making money, they must track their users responses to the information given to them. Usually cookies. If you delete their cookies, then you are not able to access some of their services (usually). For someone doing research on the internet, this is a perfect way, to trim off the fat, and find the data they are looking for. And No, your spyware program does not delete these cookies !
So the answer to this question, is the user is liable for going anyplace on the internet. You click, thus, you go, and it was your choice going there. Now, If you wish to fix this , so you go to site(s) that are reputable , then there are ways, but require a bit of programming on your part. (We will list prevention methods at a later date)

Next : Are you being watched or spied on ? oh, Most certainly , do not be fooled ! In this article I will grab someones attention for sure. Your next question would be who ? What do they want with me ?

The easiest way to explain this would be from your fingers hitting the key's to where your transmissions end up. So lets start with the fingers. (GRIN)
Okay, lets take a keyword to investigate like _KEY or _KEY2. Before I go any further here, do you know what those keywords are ? No? This is ok, I have a webpage dedicated just to this subject (it makes a perfect example).
So we key in our words to our favorite search engine, and we get unlimited possibilities.

One definition is : 'Top-level property; provides a reference to the Key object, which is used to monitor a user's keyboard activity. Read-only.'

Without typing in a book here, I will get to the point. Your operating system (all) have keys inside them. My Government also has a key to your computer. What does this mean ? Welp, the people who make your software, and my government can walk inside your computer at any time. (this is old news) but , Lets keep reading, it gets better. WOW !

NEXT : (we are searching) , lets pick any website on the list, and you click on it. Super. Now We are there reading about our research. What exactly did you just do, and how did it affect you ? Do not drift off the subject, We are talking about the website we are have landed on , What information did YOU JUST TRANSMIT to them ?

Any website with the proper programming can tell you , where you are in the world, your screen size, operating sytem, explorer type and much more. So you have so far transmitted out alot of data about yourself, but nothing really relevant to our discussion here, so we will keep going.

Now we are at our page, reading our 'Goodies' about our keywords. See a nice picture or something that grabs your attention ? Welp, this is the idea of any webmaster, is to attract users by promoting a good looking website, so if they did their job right, you see something of interest.

Something Of Interest : Here we get a tad more technical, so lets say we click on something. It does not really matter what at this point (for our example) you DID click, and that's our point.

What did you just do ? And Did that website do any damage to my computer ?

There are 2 answers here : One with a FIREWALL & ANTI VIRUS in place, and one that has nothing other than the Operating System out of the box loaded. (This depends on you)
So, for simplicity lets say you have a firewall and anti virus loaded, and you are ready to browse your site. What did this site do (or could do) to me ?

Webmasters use something called a script. It is a 'sniplet' of code that does something. With this sniplet of code , it is possible to scan your ports (to see if you have one open) , ping you, to see if you are there, and much more. If your computer replies, saying 'ya I am here' , this is not good. From here, anything can happen to you. Now we have found a few holes, that hackers can use to take control from their site(s). If you firewall is working correctly, you should get an ALARM at this point.

No alarm ? welp, most hackers like to see what they have found. If you are a 'Jane Doe' user, they might just upload you a virus, but if you are not, the information collected is valuable. This could include your social security number, banking information, etc ...

Not all sites are like this one described above, so lets get back on the subject here, of we our site we found in our search engine, and we clicked on something we found interesting. What other possibilities exist that would effect me ?

Again, using scripts or pictures, webmasters can hide their code virtually anywhere on a site. It is not obvious to the naked eye. Spyware and other nasties can be transmitted out of their system, to your computer. Now they COULD monitor your keyboard watching you like a hawk, see where you go, and much more. Their program is operating in your computer, transmitting information out like a 'SPY' .

Where are your rights ? Where is your protection ? What can You Do ?

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