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Leaking Classified NSA Information

Billie Winner-Davis, Reality Winner's mother, told Business Insider on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is attempting legal representation to aid the former Air Force language analyst contractor and Kingsville native Reality Winner with her case.

Winner pleaded guilty in 2018 to leaking classified National Security Agency information on Russia's alleged efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. She was found guilty of violating the U.S. Espionage Act and sentenced to five years in prison at the Federal Medical Center-Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2016 following her separation from six years of active duty, Winner was hired by Pluribus International Corporation under an NSA contract to work out of Fort Gordon, Georgia.

According to ABC News, Winner printed a classified report detailing how Russian hackers allegedly “executed cyber espionage operations” on local election systems and mailed the documents to The Intercept.

She was arrested on June 3, 2017.

Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign violations and tax fraud in 2018, began serving his sentence in May 2019 at the federal penitentiary in Otisville, New York.

He has been under house arrest since July over coronavirus concerns.

Military.com stated that Reality’s mother sent a Twitter message that said “Cohen has asked another attorney to look at the case and for opportunities to help.”


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January 08, 2008

I picked a day that was very slow here on the OS9USER. I did it for simplicity , and alot less research on my part. here is what I found.

Are you reading your logs correctly ?

Probably not. Statcounter.com is sometimes hard to read. They try to use a tracking cookie to tell if you visited a site before, however, that does not mean nothing. If cookies are disabled, or you run an application like ccleaner periodically then this feature is thrown out the window. From my stat's above, I can see 34 users returning to this site. If the cookie does not shown from your browser, your visit is counted as first time visitor. I am also able to block myself out of my totals by using a blocking cookie. A blocking cookie is stored in my browser to prevent my visits from being logged by StatCounter. There system is designed to track browsers NOT server requests.

Also Firefox extensions like NoScript will have an impact on all my counters, since my tracking script is not executed. Thus, you appear to me as invisible. There is other extensions you can run, that stop tracking scripts cold, keeping your privacy assured !

Why do your numbers vary from one log to the next ?

Join My Community at MyBloglog!

MyBlogLog.com has always reported lower stat's than statcounter or geovisite. On the plus side, I can specify how many people I want shown on the widget and configure it any way I want. On the down site, this information is tracked by Yahoo, which sends me little or no traffic at all.
By using there script I am sending my traffic information to Yahoo, where they can track what I can, all inside one dinky little script. We will talk more about this later on.

Often your own local ISP will keep a cache of many websites you visit regularly. This speeds up your use of the web. Unfortunately no server request is made to your tracking script when this happens, and your visit will go uncounted.

How can I check my status ? (right now)

1st, I want to point out no site can "Guess" your traffic. We reported this recently. The best way is to run a traffic script. We use statcounter or geovisite together. As seen on the right, Geovisite shows us just totals by location, quick and easy to read. I do question the accuracy of this script. Over 30 days ago we wrote to them and asked them why , but never received an answer to our inquiries. We are still investigating.

Statcounter is hassle free. They do not bother me, nor do I receive spam in my Email by giving them some information about me. After over a year of use on 2 sites, I am having no problems what-so-ever by using there services. They provide as much information as they can,
in a detailed log, which is all I need (More about this later). The very nice thing about Geovisite is they give me grand totals (seen above) , where statcounter does not. Sure there are many services out there other than these 2 , but before you draw a conclusion, please read on. Then tell me what you think.

Where is my traffic coming from ? (and who)

Just about any tracking service will tell you this. This is very important to me. Notice Yahoo. Question : Why should I share my data when they send me only 1 search inquiry ?

Bookmarking your articles has it's advantages as well. The top one being Digg, followed by Humsurfer then Mixx. Digg has sent over 1,700 users to this site in 24 hours (my record) putting my site in the top 10 list on PopUrl & Digg itself. It was noticeable to me when I tried to update technorati, to find out I was already crawled after hitting the enter key.

On the down side, Digg has played practical jokes & is not really reliable with its data. Reporting such articles as Microsoft buys Firefox, sex, or Ron Paul crap. If you want to take the time to monitor Bigspy, then it is a great starting point for news, but do not believe everything you read. As we approach 1,208 written articles we only digg about a quarter of them as you can see from our profile pic on the right (click to enlarge). Complaining to Digg, is useless. It falls on deaf ears as we found out with our complaints. It is a matter of time before they loose their 1st place stats to another company as there popularity is falling.

Humsurfer the new man on the block. Bloggers and other users use humsurfer as a platform to reach out to fellow Indians. They do it by posting their original story link or commenting on the posted stories. Soon this will be the next digg ? Let's hope so.

Add to Mixx! Mixx is the 3rd bookmark we are going to talk about today. As they are not as popular as the other 2 they certainly give them a run for there money. Soon, they will be a fierce threat as more people discover them.

Who links to my site ? (and how many)

My results were : Google(37), Msn(204), Yahoo(1,118), Alltheweb(710) & Altavista(753)

To check your's easily just click here.

Is somebody talking about me or my site ?

Here is a secret I discovered. When any site that write's about us, they show up in Technorati.

Click here to see who talked about us recently.

Do you want to search yourself ? No problem here are the easy instructions.
  • Jump to Technorati
  • Search for your site in the search box
  • Take notice on the subscribe button. (see pic above)
  • Click on it, and your done !
Now if anyone talks about your "Search Description" you will see it in your feeds on your browser. Nice !

What are tracking scripts ? Can they be hacked to gain access to my site ?

It does just like it sounds. Tracks. A great deal of information (nothing critical) can be sent to another website (URL). In the case of MyBlogLog Script (mentioned above) they track my visitors and where they departed to among other things. Webmasters like myself use this information to see if what we are talking about is interesting or not. I want to make a point here, and not panic anyone. Read carefully.

ANY script can contain malicious code. Wordpress had a bad script a while ago, that allowed hackers to hack your site when inserted in your template. This was quickly repaired , but I made a mental note "the possibility of this does exist". As further proof, here is a link to a story a week old that we published about malicious javascripts. They are out there. Beware of them. They are sneaky, and are getting better (in quality) all the time. Personally, if you don't need it, don't use it. Your site will load faster, and your readers are happier.

Who is tracking your inbound traffic ??? (Exactly)

For Bloggers this is easy. Google. They are the watchdog of the internet, and with there new algorithm, even going farther snooping in your pictures, video's & site content. But who else ?

Well back to your scripts. Geovisite, statcounter & MyBlogLog (currently) are tracking my visitor's and movements around the News room. I know this and allow it. However, like I explained before (above) not all scripts clearly tell you what they do. They could steal or inbound links or outbound links by reporting this data to another URL . An example of this is my Chatroom. They do not steal anything , but monitor a great deal more than just chat. You , the reader would not know this unless I told you.

Since Google makes me responsible for my site content, The author's of my chatroom (Chatango) give me the tools to delete content, and block users from ever using it again. How would any user know this with a simple script ? It comes with no doc's right ? (hahaha)

My point here is scripts can be bad. They take up time to load, and if you are not careful, can be harmful, not just to your readers, but you as well.

Is any information being transmitted from my site without my knowledge ???

Well, again, if your scripts are okay, then "NO". There is no way this can happen without you knowing about it.

How we choose our subjects ?

I have posted 2 links of interest on this.

Google Announces Fastest Growing Search Terms
Yahoo! Announces Top Trends in Search in 2007

I look for trends , security , software, great sites, people and alot of other things. If this is where people are searching, this is what I am writing about !

We also police ourselves. Top 10 articles are now posted, as well as the top stories for 2008 are being displayed. This is our report card. In order to keep the traffic up, we watch for "Hot Subjects" or if requested, go way out of our way to write about something (like this huge story). Nice !

What is the best place to announce your site ? (and why)

Bruce Clay Inc. is the easiest FREE way to get your site listed in all the engines. It is fast, easy, and in a few minutes have your data submitted in all the major search engines. I recommend every 6 months, click this link.

Who drives the most traffic ?

Google ! Better than any Bookmark or any other engine by far. They want to track me fine. Just show me where the news. Like ball & glove, perfect fit.

How to find a trend ? (on your site)

This would show up in your logs.

For example : this story.

If (let's say) 10,000 readers showed up to read this story, it would show up in my tracking scripts from statcounter under entry pages. This is the page (for me) that display's the most loaded URL on my site. Find that page on your logs.

From here, I just need to look at the subject, and I have my trend or "Hot Subject". As anyone from the internet will tell you that is Vanessa Hudgens at the moment. If you are not tracking your stories, you might want to start. Helping people is one thing, but helping them in a way they need is another.

And lastly, what is the fast and easiest way to get it done, totally free.

Get my Feeds !

It took me 4 hours and 52 minutes to compile this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and feel free to leave a comment , by clicking on the blinking comment below.


Anything written in "Yellow" is a clickable link any where on this site.


Blogger OS9USER posted on 5:33 AM, January 08, 2008

If I did not cover any requested information, please drop me a note right here.

Enjoy the read !


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